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I was immediately impressed with Andrea, her sense of detail, urgency and her overall grasp of the music industry. Her passion for the success of her artists is backed up with plans that work for them. It's no surprise at all to me how successful she is.

Jim Asker  Editor, Billboard | Country and Christian formats 

Andrea Kleid is one of my favorite people on earth. Her love for people and loyalty to them is unmatched. She has always moved me to think about a situation differently, and has forever altered the course of my career.

Josh Bailey Former SVP, A&R and Publishing | Word Entertainment

Andrea thrives best where the rubber meets the road. Having worked alongside her for five years, I witnessed her engagement with all departments. Her love for artists is contagious.  

Shane Tarleton Vice President | Warner Music Nashville

Andrea is one of the absolute best promotion heads I have worked with in my 20+ years at labels. She is dedicated not only to the radio side of her job, of which her track record speaks for itself, but in the actual development of artist's careers by adding original marketing concepts and overall marketplace vision to each project. 

Ben Kline VP Revenue, Warner Music Nashville

Andrea Kleid represents all that we value in a modern-day promotion executive; brutal honesty, unrivaled experience and unwavering tenacity. Her expertise beyond radio and decade plus of relationships and insight make her an irreplaceable one-of-a-kind partner, a partner I intend to be in the trenches with for years to come.

Steve Bursky | Foundations Music 


I had the honor of working with Andrea for many years, and have had the challenge of competing with her for the last decade. She is an expert in strategy and a relentless competitor for all of her artists.  I have personally witnessed her desire to be the best at what she does, and I have no doubt she will be a tremendous benefit to all of us in the music business in her new endeavor.

Grant Hubbard  Former VP, Promotion Capitol CMG

Since 2011, I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea Kleid in various capacities. Andrea completely understands the complexities of the music industry and has a zeal for people. Their combined passion for personal growth and a keen understanding of the intricacies of people will make their partnership thrive.

Michelle Younkman Executive Director, CMB

Andrea is one of the most passionate people I’ve worked with in this industry! Her love for artists and the stories they tell is the driving force behind the great success she’s had.  Her transition to this new venture will be both seamless and extraordinary!

Matt Goodwin, Sometimes Savvy Management


I have worked with Andrea for the past decade, and there are few who are as dedicated to understanding stories and human dynamics in a way that lead to spot on, focused strategy. Her empathy for people, along with her desire for excellence compel her to create top notch relationships and work. I love partnering with her and plan to for years to come.   

Leigh Holt, Owner maddjett

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