We build strong relationships between artists and radio partners that result in inspired experiences for listeners and fans.

Boxer Poet features over 18 years of radio and records experience, relationships and music business understanding that can come alongside and complement your current management and label team. We value results and understand the stakes that radio plays in the success and influence of an artist's career. We understand how important "the launch" and setup is for a single, and take specific interest in highlighting the artist's stories and experiences. ​


From surface conversations to emotional connection

Too often, we are creating introductions between artists and radio with a paper-thin understanding of the artist behind the music. We cannot launch meaningful relationships around a handful of facts - the band is from Pittsburgh, they’re composed of five brothers, they’re influenced by Coldplay.

We've identified the critical missing component in an artist’s career: a clear and well-articulated identity. In order to crack this code and make it central to our work, we joined forces with a leading expert in emotional connection and storytelling, Lisa Johnson to create a powerful immersive experience called Artist Identity. Ask us about our Artist Identity experience and how this can take your artist's career and connection with gatekeepers and fans to the next level. 

Boxer Poet can manage and highly customize your radio promotion campaign alongside your artist’s record label promotion team. ​These services include but are not limited to:

  • Respectful collaboration with label promotions staff by someone who speaks their language and understands the landscape at radio.

  • Daily eyes on BDS and Mediabase charts to monitor airplay nationally and market specific for opportunities and threats.

  • Creating a single launch plan including network and regional strategy, goal setting and promo tour set-up plan with radio before impact date. 

  • Creating promotional ideas focused around single with major networks and major market stations; working alongside label team to ensure it’s executed with stations appropriately.

  • Speaking into single choice, timing, competitive analysis of the marketplace.

  • Weekly phone conversations with label promotion staff to keep goals and strategies in view.

  • Align your artist with the highest priority radio events at major networks and in major markets.