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We align influencers (speakers, radio/tv personalities, non-profits, change agents, authors, thought leaders) with their true identity. Then we equip their entire team with compelling story-driven communication that inspires people to action. Our process includes three parts:

2. Influencer + Team Story Building

Influencer + Core Team + Andrea and Lisa

Format: Live 4 hour workshop


Andrea and Lisa take the insights from the interview and custom blend a live half-day experience for the influencer and their core team. Using unique story-builders and proven activities, we work together to translate the influencer’s core identity into story elements that inspire action and attract the right opportunities.


We work as a team to:

  • Identify the influencer’s most powerful narratives.

  • Create compelling language around their core identity.

  • Distill their personal mantras and mission into powerful metaphors.

  • Identify the transformation their work creates with fans and listeners.

  • Shine a spotlight on the people and truths they will fight for.

  • Give powerful language to what makes them distinctive.


This energizing and interactive experience creates alignment around the influencer and equips each team member with powerful story-driven communication that emotionally connects with fans and stakeholders.


3. Influencer Playbook

During the experience, the most important insights will be packaged into an Influencer Playbook that can be shared to create alignment and common vision with your larger team. The goal of this playbook is to inspire clear vision, fresh strategies, and compelling language that connects the influencer to their core fanbase.  

1. Influencer Deep Dive

Influencer + Andrea and Lisa

Format: Google Hangouts or Skype 

We use our unique vantage points (Music Executive + Storytelling Expert) to complete a two-hour interview with the influencer. We ask higher quality questions and listen with fresh ears. We listen to their stories, get clear on what matters most, dig deep for their authentic core and search for ways to amplify their magic.

“An Influencer’s career is powered by

a very specific fuel—

emotional connection.”


- Lisa Johnson

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