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Allegiant Fans. Emotional Territory. Exclusive Content and Experiences.

Nielson research shows that fans want two to three times more exclusive content and experiences from their favorite fans than they are currently being offered. This is THE growth opportunity within the music business. We call this exciting opportunity The FAN ECONOMY.

Fans express their identity through music. At Boxer Poet, we focus all our attention and budget on surprising, delighting and wooing allegiant fans by advising content and experiences that speak to their emotions and identity.

We have taken a deep dive learning everything we can about the spectrum of fandom. Fans want to get closer to their favorite artists than ever before. We need a response better than exclusive T-shirts and VIP passes. When you understand an allegiant fan's true cravings, you can crack the code and unlock incredible opportunities for an artist's connection with their fans. 

We have a focused point of view on what to do about this opportunity and a powerful proven strategy that you can follow.  We focus squarely on the following:


  1. Aligning the artist's identity with the fans identity and cravings

  2. Over-deliver to allegiant fans emotionally and with exclusive content and experiences

  3. Increase the number of allegiant fans through the attached group (the tagalongs)

After walking through the Fan Economy experience, you will be able to: 

  • Create new fan-driven revenue streams

  • Customize opportunities that align with your artist and their fans

  • Know where to focus your marketing dollars for a powerful return

  • Develop a strategy around exclusive content that dramatically adds to the bottom line

  • Innovate new exclusive experiences that reinforce your artist’s true identity 

  • Understand the 8 cravings allegiant fans have and practical ways to deliver to them

  • Understand emotional connection and have a innovative way to use strategically

  • Know what to prioritize. Get rid of everything that is off-brand and off emotionally.  Purge and edit. Recover wasted dollars and double down around the fan's cravings.

  • Learn the number one driver of the most ardent allegiant fans

  • Process what is fresh and what is expired in your current marketing mix

  • Accelerate growth in the right emotional space

  • Learn new strategies for delighting allegiant fans and explore a custom mix for your artist

  • Leave with unique and aligned ideas for your team

  • Understand the competitive landscape through the lens of the emotions other artists in genre are tapping into with fans.

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