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 Using the insights of the Enneagram through focused conversations, the goals of personal coaching are: 

  • Identifying your core character and true self and understanding how that informs your motivations.

  • Making dramatic developmental strides as it relates to decision making and relationships both professionally and personally. 

  • Become more self-aware of your implicit and explicit thinking and feeling patterns.

  • Understand how your behavorial patterns are perceived and how they affect others.

  • Discover insights around reactivity in your relationships.

  • Discuss real-life experiences to overcome barriers in your current conflicts. 

  • Understand the importance of growth and development within your type and patterns.

  • Set personal goals that align with the blind spots in your type that can create more freedom in your life.

Time | 1 hour (as often as requested)
Format | In Person or Google Hangout

All coaching is 100% confidential. 

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