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We partner with artists to help excavate their true identity. Then we equip their entire team with compelling story-driven communication that inspires people to action. The process can be customized for each artist:

We use our unique vantage point to connect with the artist/band, asking higher quality questions and listen with fresh ears. We listen to their stories, get clear on what matters most to them, dig deep for their authentic core and search for ways to amplify their message.

Then we take the insights we learn and custom blend their personal story elements that support the brand and messages they are hoping to share. 


We work with your team to:

  • Identify the artist’s most powerful stories.

  • Create compelling language around their core identity.

  • Distill their personal mission, convictions and artistry into powerful metaphors.

  • Identify the transformation their music creates with fans and listeners.

  • Shine a spotlight on the people and truths they will fight for.

  • Give powerful language to what makes them distinctive.

  • Understand the brain science behind being influential.


This experience creates alignment around the artist and equips each team member with powerful story-driven communication that emotionally connects with fans and stakeholders.

I wouldn't consider getting involved in a new artist development project without first taking them through the Artist Identity process. Their insights have been invaluable to our whole team to a degree that has changed the way we approach everything we do. For the artist, it drew out stories that established a principle foundation to build a career upon. We got Artist Identity and so much more. 

- Dave Steunebrink, Showdown Management

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