Why did you name your company Boxer Poet?

It all started a many years ago when I decided to take an Enneagram test. During the process of exploring the different types, I learned that I was a Type Eight, who is often referred to as "The Challenger" or "The Protector." I immediately felt known because I've always fought for the underdog, and wanted to inspire creatives to be their truest selves. So the name "Boxer Poet" was born.

ANDREA KLEID | The Boxer Poet |

Andrea Kleid is 20-year music industry veteran with a passion to help people grow. Kleid started her career working in radio at WNLT Cincinnnati, then WAY-FM West Palm Beach, followed by The JOY FM in Tampa/Sarasota. In 2004, Kleid moved to Nashville to begin her career path in radio promotion at what is now Capital CMG. In 2008, she became the VP of Promotion at Word Label Group and led one of the most successful and influential radio promotion teams in her industry. Andrea developed a reputation for launching artists and growing their careers using her signature brand of honesty, laser sharp insight and unstoppable passion, but most importantly, focusing on relationships. Andrea uses the Enneagram as a catalyst for growth for both artists and industry teams. Andrea is a Type 8 on the Enneagram.

AJ STROUT | Radio Promotion |

AJ Strout has 15 years of experience in radio promotion.  She spent six years at Flicker Records, owned by members of Audio Adrenaline,  before they were acquired by Provident Label Group.  She spent the next seven years with Provident working artists including Casting Crowns, Third Day, Michael W. Smith, Jars of Clay, Steven Curtis Chapman, Tenth Avenue North, Red and many others.  AJ stepped away from Provident when her daughter Cecily was diagnosed with Autism.  She spent a couple of years doing independent promotion before needing to focus on helping Cecily.  AJ loves to be mom to Satchel, Cecily and Pippa, and wife to Steve. AJ is a Type 8 on the Enneagram. 


SARA REID | Artist Manager |

Sara loves seeing concepts become well-executed realities. “It's a puzzle, I see the big picture and all of its little pieces and I just start assembling," Reid says. Sara was a founding member of the band I AM THEY and traveled for more than 7 years as their drummer and Tour Manager. In 2019, she decided to take her knowledge and experience from the road and move into Artist Management, so she came off the road to manage I AM THEY full time. Partnering with Andrea Kleid and Kat Davis, the three women formed Co-Lab Artist Management. Reid and Kleid also joined forces to start BPM, an artist management division of Boxer Poet. Sara Palmer is known by her colleagues and clients as one the kindest and quirkiest people you will ever have the opportunity to work with. Brilliant at understanding logistics, her preferred title is VP of Parallel Parking. Sara is a Type 6 on the Enneagram.


Type Eight on the Enneagram

Protective, resourceful, straight-talking and decisive. 

Eights use their strength to improve others' lives.

Leader, solution master, maverick, inspiring.


{noun}  box·er  po·et

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